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“I joined this program on 06/18/2009. At this time I owed $22,139.00. My credit score was 620 and plunging. That was enough reason for my creditors to increased interest rate on my debt from 9.8-12% to 29.9%. I was able to pay only minimum payments which was over $900.00 every months. Care One reduced my payment to $505.00 each month just by lowering those interest rates to 6-7%. On March 17th 2014 I made last payment and now I'm debt free. Care One saved me a lot of trouble
and money. During those four and half of year I would have paid as much money just on interest as I owed from beginning. Also my credit score went up to 740. I want to thank Care One for all their help. I couldn't do it without them. Because of them I got peace of mind and I'm sleeping again. Also they showed me I can save $500.00 every month. My resolution - no more credit cards. I wish you all good luck.

Marie V. - Columbus OH - 2014-03-22 14:10:57

“Signed up thru Careone and was assigned to Persel's and Assoc out of Maryland. Was then re-assigned to another lawyer. And once they got their fees paid they dumped me to fend for myself with the final settlement.

Michelle - Springfield, mo - 2014-03-18 01:20:27

“I started this program back in 2009, being overwhelmed at the time by credit card debt, and just made my final payment. I had approximately $15K in credit card debt on three cards, all of which were behind on payments.

I chose the option that preserved credit rating in exchange for higher monthly payments. This largely paid off. My rating plunged to 600, but had rebounded to 635 after a year, and 680 after two years. It is now over 700. This option to preserve your credit rating is important, and it was the key thing that separated CareOne from the other credit management agencies I researched.

I wrote an Excel program that calculated when each card would be paid off, and checked it against the creditors' balances every few months. CareOne's estimates were off by a few dollars, but were generally accurate. Everything went smoothly. Whenever an account was paid off, I simply called and had them remove the payment.

The monthly fee CareOne charges seems high, but everything worked out in the end. I recommend this service to anyone in financial straights.

Brian S. - Cookeville, Tennessee - 2014-03-10 21:37:58

“I made my final payment this week to CareOne and all I can say is 'THANK YOU'. Three and a half years ago I was struggling to make the minimum payments on my credit cards and those payments weren't even touching the principal balances, I was just paying interest every month. Thanks to CareOne I paid off $11,000 in 43 months and saved tens of thousands of dollars in interest fees. The great news is the program I selected didn't have much of a negative affect on my credit score, which I was happily surprised about. I was even pre-approved for a mortgage! Bottom line, this program WORKS. CareOne has been extremely helpful whenever I had a question, wanted to increase my payments or whatever the case may have been. I would recommend CareOne to anyone and I am eternally grateful to them for helping me achieve financial freedom.

Jenna S. - Archbald, PA - 2014-03-08 14:09:10

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